HUFT’s New Shop and Spa at Kemps Corner

HUFT’s New Shop and Spa at Kemps Corner

Heads up for Tails (HUFT) is one of The Pet Project’s favorite pet shops. This article details the competitors and other major Indian pet stores.

HUFT started in 2008 and now they have stores in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, NCR and more. The company has multiple specialty products along with stuff for every dog.

Most of the shops are pet friendly, such as the new one at Kemps Corner. The company staff are all friendly and very passionate about dogs.

HUFT offers products from doggy clothing to treats, balls to interactive toys and everything inbetween. Taking your dog to one of these stores and letting them pick up toys they like is a great experience.


Some HUFT stores also have spas in them. They have trained professionals caring for your dog.

Contact for the Kemps Corner Store

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