Travelling With Your Dog By Train In India

Travelling With Your Dog By Train In India

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You may need to go to somewhere which doesn’t have an airport, or might not allow dogs to fly by planes to pick up your dog or just go on holiday for fun. We don’t recommend that you travel with your dog by train unless necessary.

Can I Take My Dog By Train In India?

Yes, you can carry your dog by train in India. We really recommend that you go for a first class ac compartment, so you can keep your dog with you. In case you don’t get a first class ac compartment, the dog will be put into a government cage in the brake or luggage car of the train. Service dogs are allowed regardless of classes. Even when you take the dog in a first class cabin, (which does not have separate compartments) you need the permission of the other passengers and make sure that the dog does not bite/bark. Although not a requirement, we recommend that you make the dog wear a muzzle as much as possible if the dog has a tendency to bark or growl.

Important Note: To carry your dog in a train, you need to contact the parcel office of the boarding station. On the payment of ₹10 ($0.14) you will receive a booking slip which is the ticket for the dog. The dog will not be allowed onto the train without this.


Dogs sitting in the luggage car of a 2 day trip Image:
  • Travel in a first class ac compartment.
  • Have the dog on a leash

Is It Really Safe?

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“I have known many dogs that have not made it to the end of the journey because of excess heat, dehydration and fright. I myself brought my dog in these horrible conditions in Bombay Mail because I wasn’t aware of how bad the condition is”

— Ina D’Souza
A Video Of Travelling With Dogs In India

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