All you need to know about traveling to Dubai with your dog from India

All you need to know about traveling to Dubai with your dog from India

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Government And Permits

To bring your pet into the UAE, you require an import permit from the Ministry of Environment and Water. For this, you’ll need a vaccination card, a copy of your passport and a microchip number clearly marked on the vaccine book or microchip certificate.

Select pets will need a rabies test in advance of their entry to the UAE. The UAE authorities will not issue permits more than 30 days in advanced, says the British Veterinary Center, Abu Dhabi.




Emirates allows guide dogs for the blind in the cabin. Other dogs must travel via Emirates SkyCargo®.

For all routes, the charge for the animal(s) and container will depend on the weight and size of the animal plus cage combined. These charges will apply in all cases, even when no other checked baggage is being carried.

Animal + cagePrice
When the animal and cage combined do not exceed 23kg and 59 inches / 150cmUSD 500
When the animal and cage combined weigh between 24 ‑ 32kg and dimensions between 59inches /150cm and 118inches / 300cmUSD 650
When the animal and cage combined weigh over 32kg and dimensions between 59inches /150cm and 118inches / 300cmUSD 800
When the cage dimensions exceed dimensions 118inces / 300cms.Cargo
When travelling into DubaiCargo
When transiting through DubaiCargo
When destined for a country that DOES NOT allow live animal as Excess BaggageCargo

Also, you must make sure that your dog breed is not listed below, the UAE government has banned these breeds:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Wolf-Dog Hybrids
  • American Staffordshire terriers
  • Japanese tosa
  • Brazilian and Argentinian mastiffs
  • Any Cross Breed of the above


  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact Number
  • Import permit
  • Vet Certificate

Remember, these change, check Emirates’ website for the latest information.

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  1. Good luck! I’m here incase anyone has any questions!

    1. Ok! Which is best airline?

    2. Hi ,I have to shift my 4 dogs
      3 are pugs age 10/6/1

      Need to know if I can get help from any agency or any consultant who guide us all through .I don’t mind paying as I do not want to take any chance…as they are our life …

    3. I need one consultant or agency to do the need ful as I want to shift my dogs (pugs) from Mumbai to Dubai.

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  4. I want to bring my PUG from India to Dubai.
    Is it safe as they make them travel in Cargo & PUGS are very very sensitive.
    Plus i have seen many airlines have banned Pugs from flying as they are at a greater risk & more prone to temp. variations.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, there is a higher risk for pugs. You could check with an airline like Air India®, as they do allow dogs in the cabin. I am not sure about Emirates, which is the carrier that I recommend. Due to a lot of comments, I will take some time to respond and if you want help please tweet me @ThePetProjectIN.

  5. Mr Vineet; we hope you’ve been able to transport your animals to Dubai by now. If not, please see our new guide:

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