Image by PassworldlessWP

The Pet Project has recently added PassWordLess login to the Pet Project in the form of Apple’s TouchID and FaceID system. Windows hello is also supported.

This will only work on TouchID/FaceID enabled devices.

For any more assistance email:

How to setup Passwordless login on the Pet Project

  1. Go to the login page

    Found at You need to be registered as The Pet Project does not allow registrations, unless you have a position at The Pet Project.

  2. Then enter your credentials for login

    Enter your username and password, do not attempt to use the smart login feature yet. It will redirect you to a page where you can press ‘setup’, it will ask you if you want to allow ‘’ to use FaceID/TouchID.

  3. Done!

    You have setup smart login.

  4. If the page doesn’t show up, visit

    Scroll to the bottom to the field called ‘Passwordless Login Credentials’ and press Register new token. Follow the on screen guide.