Common Dog Training Mistakes

Common Dog Training Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by beginners. Make sure not to make any of these mistakes.

1. Waiting Way To Long Too Start Training

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You should start training your dog the moment he comes home. When training your dog, your go. l is to get the dog to listen to verbal commands and do actions (eg, sit, roll over). With young dogs, you would want to start with the basics, like toliet training.

2. Harsh Discipline

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A lot of the modern trainers don’t recommend punishing your dog, saying that it is not effective. Most dogs will perform better with rewards for good things done. Mild punishments work most of the time (Eg, putting the dog in a cage, spray bottle), but things like yelling/hitting or making loud noises by smashing a newspaper roll on the ground.

3. Calling Your Dog To You For Something Bad

Your dog won’t come to you in the future if he associates the command with something bad. Like if I call my dog to get a bath or, to put him in his carrier cage. In future he won’t want to listen to the command and associate it with the action he doesn’t like.

4. Inconsistency

Common Dog Training Mistakes

Sometimes, you’ll let your dog up onto the bed for a quick cuddle. But then when you leave work papers or anything important on the bed, it would be a nightmare to see your dog chewing it up. So, dogs don’t understand the concept of exceptions. So if you don’t want your dog on your bed, or anywhere else, like a sofa.

5. Not Training Enough

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You don’t train a dog once, even if he does what you say. You need to train the dog constantly, otherwise he’ll forget. And the older the dog gets, the harder it’ll be to re-train the dog.

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