Tech For Dogs

Tech For Dogs

Do you want your dog to have some tech like you? Well this is the perfect post for you!

  1. WickedBone Smart Bone
Tech For Dogs

The WickedBone is a really good toy for your dog. Dogs need exercise and fun time, purchase this item and download the app. You can control it yourself with a joystick in the app or set it to interactive mode where it plays with you dog by itself. The WickedBone has different reactions when you touch it from different places on it. Your dog is bound to love it!

2. Furbo Dog Camera

You need to download the Furbo app to control it. The Furbo has multiple features: A camera from which you. can see the room, an ability to launch treats, an ability to talk to your dog and monitor what your dog is doing, this all can happen when your not at home. Your dog needs to get used to the Furbo at first he/she will be scared of the Furbo.

Works with Alexa!

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