How to convince your parents to get a puppy?

How to convince your parents to get a puppy?

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If you really want a dog, and your parents are not very keen, this is the article for you. How can you convice your parents to get a dog? There are many ways to prove your responsibility, and that you can handle the dog.

What to try:

  • Make a routine: This will contain what the dog’s day will look like, and what you’ll need to do (eg. Walks, food, grooming, training, etc). This will show your parents that you know how much work and time this will be.
  • Show them that you will make sacrifices to take care of the dog: Will you wake up early to take care and feed your dog? Are you willing to cancel extra-curicular/recreational activites to walk/train/bathe the dog? This will help as parents mostly end up doing all the work even though the kids say that they will. Show them that your eager to take on the responsibilty.
  • Prove your responsibilty: Do your household tasks, homework, etc on time without your parents reminding you.
  • Research: Do your research, the cutest dog from the park may not be the best for you. Research good dog breeds for you.
  • Present a list of Pro’s: These are the reasons dogs are good for you, and what benefits they have. See our list.
  • Write a Contract: This will state what each family member will do, and if there will be any rewards. Check out our demo contract.
  • Address concerns: Maybe someone in the family is allergic to dogs, find some hypoallergenic dog breeds.
  • Borrow a Dog: Ask a friend if you can borrow their dog for a few days, or foster a dog. This will be like a trial.


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