Pet Insurance In India

Pet Insurance In India


Does your pet need pet insurance? It is debated between pet owners whether they insure they furry-friend. The cost of dogs can be high, but is insurance worth it? How much does it cost? What does it cover?

Options In India

  • Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz

There is a reason that this is the only option in India. That is that people don’t really ensure their pets. Bajaj’s insurance is only for dogs.

What Bajaj Pet Insurance Covers:

  • Surgery Expenses and Hospitalisation Cover
  • Mortality Benefit Cover
  • Terminal Diseases Cover
  • Long Term Care Cover
  • OPD Cover
  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Theft/Straying/Lost Cover


Special Conditions

In case you are applying for a pet dog over the age of 4 years, you will have to opt for either:

Presenting the medical test reports of the dog conducted in the last 7 days for the following medical tests; such as Bio-chemistry test, Circulatory blood count, urine test and chest X-Ray.


No cover for the initial 90 days of the policy period from the date of inception of the policy for any Surgery, Hospitalization, Mortality, Terminal Diseases, Long Term Care or OPD related covers with respect to following illnesses:

Sr.No.Illness Name
1Liver dysfunction
2Kidney dysfunction
3Pancreatic Dysfunction
4Cushing’s Syndrome
6Thyroid Dysfunction
7All types of Cancers and tumors
11Inflammation of Prostate Gland
12Coagulation Disorders
13Cardiac Dysfunction
15Hip Dysplasia
17Parvo Virus Infection
19Canine Leptospirosis
20Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
21Urinary Tract Infection
22Vestibular Disorder
25Osteo Arthritis
26Venereal Granuloma
28Hematoma in ear
29All Eye Related Problems

Documents You’ll Need

  • You’ll need to fill up the form and provide the details relating to your pet dog on our website
  • To help identify your pet, we’ll need colour phots of your pet from 5 sides, Front, Back, Left, Right and Top. If your pet has an RFID chip, a colour photo, which clearly captures the identification number will work too. The photo needs to include the newspaper as on the date of application, with the date of the newspaper visible.
  • You’ll also need to self-declare that your pet has received all their vaccinations on time
  • If your pet is more than 4 years of age, and you’re opting to waive off the 90 days waiting period (as explained in Special Conditions) we’ll need some Diagnostics Test Results, such as Bio-chemistry test, Circulatory blood count, urine test and chest X-Ray.
  • If you are choosing a Sum Insured which applicable for a pedigree lineage, you’ll also need to provide a Pedigree Certificate from Kennel Club of India
  • If you are choosing a higher Sum Insured than the maximum price defined for that breed, you’ll need to provide purchase proof  


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