Pet-Friendly Parks in Mumbai

Pet-Friendly Parks in Mumbai

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Adopting an Indie: What you need to know. 
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Photo by Ralu Gal on Unsplash

If you need a place to take your pets in Mumbai, for a run or to play, these are the best pet-friendly parks in Mumbai.

#1. Priyadarshani Park

Image by Priyadarshini Park | Enhanced by The Pet Project

Priyadarshani Park operated a ‘Pet Park’ from 8am to 9am. Timings may vary, check the latest timings here

#2. Yari Road Pet Park

Image: Yari Road Pet Park/Facebook

Made by the BMC, as a gift to all dogs, they get to play in a safe, secure and clean environment. All while their humans enjoy the pet awareness drives and events.

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