Can I Feed My Dog Home Food?

Can I Feed My Dog Home Food?

A few years ago, it was very common to feed dogs home food, the same food we eat. Now, our pets are used to eating packaged food.

First, you’ll need to know some basic things about dog’s diets. First, meat will be the main ingredient for dog food as they are carnivores. Fish is alright but it should be occasional.

Vegetables will make up 1/4th of your dog’s meal. The vegetables you can add to your dog’s meal are:

  • pumpkin
  • zucchini
  • carrots
  • peas
  • beets
  • yams
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • green beans
  • sweet potato.

Vegetables to avoid are onion, potato, tomato, bell peppers, spinach, raw beans, garlic, leek, chard and beet greens.

You will also need to avoid carbohydrates as dogs don’t have the ability to break down carbs. Carbs that you feed to dogs will have no nutritional value whatsoever. Carbs are the cause for many dog diseases so avoiding carbs are best. You should also avoid corn, wheat or potatoes.

Before making anything for your dog, you should contact your vet and ask if it is alright.

Article content from Times of India. Photo by M Burke on Unsplash

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