How to grow your pet’s Instagram account

How to grow your pet’s Instagram account

Almost all of us humans have Instagram accounts. Instagram has 1 billion active users. A lot of people want to get started with an Instagram account for their pet. If your account grows a lot, brands will reach out for promotions, sponsorships and maybe just send you free stuff. It’s not as hard as you may think. We’ll go over it, step by step.


You’ll use many strategies, taking advantage of all of Instagram’s features and channels to increase reach, these include reels, stories and of course, posts.


Reels are the #1 way you are going to grow your account. My account, @cutestcoopster‘s reel hit over 3000 views with 150 likes in under an hour after posting.

Make sure to stay on trend, post reels similar to those that have blown up and tag the original accounts. Come up with your own reel ideas, Boomerang, the app is a great tool for reels too. Music and sound effects are a HUGE part of reels, nailing that sound effect, perfect timing and appropriate music will really change your reels.


Hashtags are another huge part of Instagram and 2 or 3 just won’t do the job. My account uses 20-30 hashtags at every post. That does sound like a lot, but you put in the work just one time. While starting, come up with hashtags that apply to your dog’s account in general and whenever you post an image or a reel, use them.

At every post, add 2-3 hashtags directly related to the content in the post. Some hashtags could be:

#cute #cutedoggos #cutedogsplanet #cutestdoggys #cutedoggies #cutedogsofinsta #thepetproject #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram @thepetprojectin #instadog #doggo #cutedog #doggy #cutedogs #dogpics #cutestdog #dogfluencer #[yourdog'sbreed].   

These are very common terms and will not do much for you, but it helps in giving you an idea of what you need to do.


You have all heard the term ‘Consistency is key’. This is true, especially with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Keep pushing content out and the likes will follow. Patience is also important, the first few days, you may not blow up, but it will happen at some point.

Follow other accounts

When you sign up, there’ll be hundreds of other brand new dog accounts. You should start following those and 9 out of 10 times they’ll return the follow.

Share your pet’s account with family and friends, while you are still small, buy some products from companies, review them and tag them.

Featured image by @cutestcoopster on Instagram

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