How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Mumbai

How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Mumbai

It’s your dog’s birthday. Now, how can you celebrate your dog’s birthday in Mumbai? Here’s the ultimate puppy party planning guide for your dog.

What we’ll cover:

  • Dog Cake
  • Puppy Party
  • Presents for your dog

#1. Dog Cake

Photo by Glenn Han on Unsplash

This is something almost all of us associate with birthdays and now in Mumbai there are many dog bakeries to choose from, offering gourmet pet cakes and treats. Our recommendation is ‘Puplords The Pet Barkery’.

Puplords started in 2019, with the intention of developing a healthy “pet version”, of most bakery products, from across the globe, to India.
They offer pet cakes, pet donuts, and French Eclairs for your puppy.

#2. Puppy Party

Invite some of your dog’s puppy friends, or your friends who have dogs. Organise activities, like fetch, maybe even a pool party if you have a pool.

Get each dog a cake but before feeding them the cake make sure the owner of the dog knows about it and the dog can eat it. If you’re ever in doubt of what your dog can eat, call a vet.

How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Mumbai
Photo by Delaney Dawson on Unsplash

#3. Presents for your Puppy

Image by Cooper Talwar on Pettagram

Things that the dogs like:

  • Rope toys are a big hit with dogs they love to bite at them until all thats left of it is a heap of string.
  • Bone Biscuits you get these in many flavours but dogs like chicken liver the most even other treats will do.

Things that you would like to have for your dog:

  • CEO Chief Eating Officer Dog Bandana this is a good choice for your fluffy friend if you want your dog to wear something.
  • Dog Bow Tie like with the bandana its a good choice if you want your fluffy friend to wear something.
  • Dog T-Shirt if you think your dog will look good in a t-shirt well try this out.
  • Pet Hoodie is your dog getting cold I don’t think they will but this is a really cute hoodie you guys should try.
  • Buddy Dog Raincoat does it rain a lot where live get your dog a raincoat.
  • Paw Plunger tired of washing your dogs paws well try this out.
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This article was written by Raisa Talwar on The Pet Project (only the ‘gifts’ section).

Now, you’re all sorted for an amazing puppy party!


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