What Is a Reverse Sneeze in Dogs?

Image: DogSter.Com

Image: DogSter.com

You might hear your dog reverse sneezing. The first time I heard it, it was very worrying. I thought my dog was chocking. Its almost never serious though.

What It Is?

Scientifically, reverse sneezing is called inspiratory paroxysmal respiration, caused by a spasm of the laryngeal area and soft palate. It’s termed ‘reverse sneeze’ because the dog is forced to inhale air. A ‘reverse sneeze’ can last anywhere from a few seconds to two minutes. Small dog breeds, like maltese are more prone to reverse sneezing and may have several episodes of reverse sneezing a day.


If reverse sneezing occurs regularly in your dog, you should schedule an appointment with your vet. A vet visit should be schedules immediately if you notice prolonged bouts of reverse sneezing or bloody or yellow discharge. For dogs, the vet will work to rule out diseases like grass awn inhalation, collapsing trachea, kennel cough and respiratory infections.

For the occasional ‘reverse sneeze’, you can treat it by holding the dog’s nose and gently massage the bottom of his throat at the same time.

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