Eye Injury In Dogs

Eye Injury In Dogs

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Dogs’ love playing and are naturally curious. This makes them prone to injures and scrapes. Even the most careful lapdog can end up with an eye injury. As a dog owner, familiarising yourself with the types of eye injuries helps you respond to an eye injury when the issue presents itself.

Types Of Eye Injuries In Dogs

The Pet Project recommends that you visit your vet immediately if you suspect that your dog is injured.

Eye injuries are conditions that usually require immediate veterinary care. Some eye injuries are considered as emergencies, if vision is on the line.

Eye injuries, like most other injuries range from mild to severe. Most eye injuries can be diagnosed by your vet. Common eye injuries include corneal laceration where there is a cut/scratch to the surface, corneal ulcer where injury is caused by chemicals, debris or rubbing, puncture wound from any foreign object.


Many different eye injuries can face your dog. Sometimes, Ocular symptoms may even arise without an injury. If your dog’s eye has a noticeable wound in or around it, sometimes accompanied by blood, we recommend that you get it checked out by your vet. A yellow or greenish discharge can signal an infection.

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The Pet Project recommends that you visit your vet immediately if you suspect your dog is injured

We bear no liabilities for injuries to your dog

You should visit your vet, there is not much we can do at home without vet’s approval. While waiting to visit your vet, make the dog wear a cone as it prevents the dog from scratching at it’s eye and worsening the condition.

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