Ways Your Dog Shows Love

Ways Your Dog Shows Love

We obviously love our pooches and they love us back, but how do we know when they are saying they love us? Well, find out from this post!

  1. Leaning Against You

Your fluffy ones cuddle against you because they love you! Would you cuddle against a stranger or someone you don’t trust? Neither would your dogs, hence they only cuddle people they trust and love.

2. Making eye contact

As you probably know dogs don’t like to make eye contact with anyone if they really love you then you’ll find them holding their eye contact with you.

3. Happy when you get home

Does your dog wag his tail when you come home? Or does “Glee pee”? Well, that means they love you.

4. Carrying your shoes around

Does your dog “Steal your shoes”? If you find your dog with your shoes walking around the house that means they love you and want a bit of you around at all times!

Video by The Pet Project

Image by The Pet Project

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