How to Get Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

How to Get Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

We make sure that our dogs get all the physical exercise they can, but getting them mental exercise is really important. This would include challenging your dog, hiding something so he can’t find it. Below, we go over some of the ways to mentally stimulate your dog.

#1. Hide a Toy in a Yoga Mat

This is a simple, but surpisingly enjoyable way to mentally stimulate your dog. Roll up a toy or a treat in a yoga mat, make sure your dog has seen you do this. After doing this a few times, they get the hang of it and do it quite fast.

#2. Interactive Dog Feeders

These products let you put your dog’s food in them, and then allow your dog to figure out how to get into them and get the food. This is a challenging way to feed your dog, sometimes, it can even help your dog gain an interest in eating.

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