Adopting an Indie? What you need to know

Adopting an Indie? What you need to know

In India, we have one under appreciated dog breed; the Indie or Pariah. If you’ve decided to adopt one, what do you need to keep in mind? We’ll cover it all.

Most people will tell you that Indies are sturdy dogs and need less visits to vets. They are native to India, and adapted to the climate, meaning less frequent illness. It is advisable to get a dog through a non-profit organisation rather than just picking one up from the street.

Indie dogs born on the street are susceptible to one of two fatal dog diseases, which can be deadly if not treated early.

Indies also ten do have fight or flight responses as a result of needing to be cautious on the streets. When you bring them home, they will be very alert and territorial. The territoriality may lead to the dog not allowing guests into the house and if this problem is not addressed in the puppy phase, you can have problems.

Depending on trauma faced on the roads in the hands of other people, the dog may suffer from anxiety or distrust of people.

Adoption of Indies is at an all-time high with lockdown, but problematic behaviour as stated above may lead to abandonment

You need to address the mental health and anxiety problems of the dog at a young age, as if they’re ignored, it can cause problems later.

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