Wagtail at Jio World Drive: Mumbai’s First Canine Crèche and Spa

Wagtail at Jio World Drive: Mumbai’s First Canine Crèche and Spa

Wagtail is India’s first ever Canine Crèche and Spa, at Jio World Drive in Mumbai. Wagtail has a pet-friendly cafe and open air weekend marketplace. Wagtail also has a picketed turf, obstacle course and a jungle gym. Along with well trained helpers, they welcome all types of dogs!



  • Normal Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Tick & Flea
  • Hip & Joint
  • Destressing Massage
  • Anti Fungal Massage
  • Pressure Points Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Pawdicure
  • Herbal Massage


Rs. 600/-
Rs. 700/-
Rs. 800/-
Rs. 900/-
Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 1100/-
Rs. 400/-
Rs. 1300/-


Short Coat SmallMeduimLargeExtra Large
NormalRs. 800Rs. 950Rs. 1100Rs. 1800
MedicatedRs. 1300Rs. 1450Rs. 1600Rs. 2300
Tick and FleaRs. 1400Rs. 1550Rs. 1700Rs. 2400
Deep ConditioningRs. 1500Rs. 1650Rs. 1800Rs. 2500
Nagayu Hydotherapy Rs. 1800Rs. 1950Rs. 2100Rs. 2800
Long Coat – NormalRs. 900Rs. 1000Rs. 1300Rs. 2000
MedicatedRs. 1400Rs. 1500Rs. 1800Rs. 2500
Tick and FleaRs. 1500Rs. 1600Rs. 1900Rs. 2600
Deep Conditioning Rs. 1600Rs. 1700Rs. 2000Rs. 2700
Nagayu HydrotherapyRs. 1900Rs. 2000Rs. 2300Rs. 3000


Ear CleanRs. 150
Nail ClipRs. 150
Under Paw TrimRs. 400
SanitaryRs. 200
Teeth BrushRs. 200
Serum ApplicationRs. 300
Semi-Permanent Hair ColouringRs. 1000 Onwards
Nail FilingRs. 1000
DemattingRs. 500 Onwards
Temporary Hair ColourRs. 800
Elbow ConditioningRs. 800
Eye Cleaning & HydrationRs. 800
Tear Stain RemoveRs. 400


Wagtail offers a grooming with their partner, The White Collar Pet Spa who specialise in therapeutic massages, haircuts, hair styling, ear cleaning, nail clipping, tick and flea treatments, medicated baths, blow dry and hair colour.

Wagtail’s Obstacle Course. Photo by Wagtail on Facebook

Park Details

Image by JioWorldDrive.com (enhanced by JTLR Smart Media). Content inspired by JioWorldDrive.com

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