Pet Taxis in India (2022)

Pet Taxis in India (2022)

If you’re looking for a way to get yourself from someplace to another and don’t have a car, you’d call a cab. What about with your dog? A lot of popular services such as Uber and Ola offer services.

The Pet Project’s Pick


Uber is one of our favorite ridesharing apps. They of course have a service for pets. When you book an Uber, call the driver and ask if they’re ok with you bringing a dog on. If they say yes, you’re sorted but otherwise, try another driver in another category of Ubers.


Ola is another popular rideshare service in India. They have a similar policy to Uber, saying they have nothing against dogs and leave the decision to the drivers.

Ola Incident

In 2021, Andheri based dog-owner Twinkle Jain complained to Ola Cabs about her ‘rather horrendous’ encounter when she had to rush her dog to the vet.

Reportedly, multiple drivers for Ola Cabs declined the ride, seeing the dog with its owner. According to the Times of India, one of the drivers said, “मरने दो उसको, मैं क्या करूँ” which translates to let it [dog] die, what should I do?

Read more on TOI.

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