Litter Train Your Cat

Litter Train Your Cat


What You’ll Need:

Litter Box: (Better To Have More Than One)
Kitty litter: You’ll find tons of options, starting from inexpensive non-clumping clay litter to high-end, eco-friendly options. Your best bet is to start with a standard, unscented clumping litter
Treats And Toys: When you see your cat using the litter-box, you reward it.

How To Start:

Place the litter-box in its permanent place.
Place your kitten in it.
Let the cat smell it. If it leaves, do not touch it.
When you notice the cat using the litter-box, reward and praise it.
Do not punish/scold the kitten for accidents. This will only increase stress for the cat.

Cleaning And Maintaining The Litter-Box

Scoop the droppings daily and replace soiled litter.
Clean and disinfect the box once you change out the litter. Use mild soap and water, or a solution of water and white vinegar. Do not use bleach as it can be harmful to your cat.
Use an enzyme cleaner to wash areas outside the box where your kitten has had accidents.
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