Originally bred to be guard dogs, these dogs make amazing pets! Height: 21-25 Inches Weight: 30kg Lifespan: 10-12 Years They need a lot of exercises. Image on Pettagram by Rocco Kothari

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What to do if you’ve lost your dog in India

Incase you’ve lost your dog, you’ll want to read this. We’ll show you everything to do to try and get your dog back. 1. Submit a Lost Report Submit a report on The Pet Project’s Lost platform, find this at: Once you’ve filled out the form, a notice will be published to our website,…… Continue reading What to do if you’ve lost your dog in India

How to convince your parents to get a puppy?

If you really want a dog, and your parents are not very keen, this is the article for you. How can you convice your parents to get a dog? There are many ways to prove your responsibility, and that you can handle the dog.

Best Pet Shops in India

Just got a dog and don’t know where to shop? Or looking for a better place? These are the BEST pet shops in India.

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Names for Golden Coloured Pets

Looking for a name for your golden coloured pet? Well, this is just the right place to look! Names for Golden Dogs GoldieGoldilocksGoldilocxGoldsteinGoldstoneWaffleBiscuit CaramelBiscoffGoldenIngotMedalGold-MedalMr. Gold (Or Miss, depends on gender)CoinGoldboneMarigoldGold-AppleGodibarksGoldibarkx Thank you so much for reading! Image by @rusty_talwar on Pettagram (Learn more)

Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs?

During the summer, a lot of people are tempted to take their dogs into the pool. A lot of dog owners worry about chlorine, is it bad for dogs?

Tech For Dogs

Do you want your dog to have some tech like you? Well this is the perfect post for you! WickedBone Smart Bone The WickedBone is a really good toy for your dog. Dogs need exercise and fun time, purchase this item and download the app. You can control it yourself with a joystick in…… Continue reading Tech For Dogs

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